Seed Treatment Service

We have another separate service that we provide for our customers. We can treat any beans for you, even if you didn’t purchase seed from us. Seed treatment is raw, inoculated, fungicide-treated or coated to your specifications. We have a USC LPX2000 seed treater. LPX is the next generation of seed treaters, this model utilizes design and allows consultants to fully customize their treater based on the exact needs of their customers. It has multiple tanks and accessories, making this a perfect treater for our growing business. Based on the quality and accuracy of our machine, we know we are providing our customers with the best innovative technology and feel very confident that every single seed we coat is going to thrive in the upcoming growers season. This machine is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about if the person before you specialized mix is going to be transferred into your mix. If you are interested in this service, please contact us and let us know! Like we said before, this is a separate service and even if you don’t purchase your seed from Weaver Seed Service, we can still coat any of your beans for you. Some important reasons you may want to treat your seed would be if you have poorly drained fields or no-tilled fields. If spring conditions are cool and wet (we experience a lot of that here in Maryland), planting occurring in late April to early May, seed treatment fungicides help! Also, these fungicides treatments show an average yield increase on bushels per acre over a couple years span. We are so excited to provide this service and we really hope you take full advantage of it! It’s easy, let’s discuss your fields, figure out a plan and then either drop your already purchased seed to us or pick out what seed you want and then choose to get it treated! It’s that simple!!

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