Weaver Seed Service became a Golden Harvest Dealer in September of 2021. Right away, we knew they were a perfect fit for our company and our goals for the future. Golden Harvest was founded 50 years ago and has continued to excel and produce elite corn seed backed with proven results. As a descendant of the Garst seed company, Golden Harvest can attribute its success in our region to its local roots. We have placed a multitude of different day-length varieties on our own farm as well as our customers’ farms throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The genetics of the seed is matched to your region/ environment, soil conditions, and disease tolerance. We want to be transparent with our customers. If we feel the type of seed you’re looking at will not perform on your farm, Weaver Seed Service will point out both the strengths and weaknesses of that hybrid as they pertain to your conditions. Let us guide you, and we will help narrow down exactly what you’re looking for and what will do well on your farm. When selecting hybrids to both plant and sell, we focus on overall yield, good test weight, and a healthy corn plant. The focus of Weaver Seed and Golden Harvest is to help corn growers maximize crop results, so why not let us do the studying and homework while you can enjoy the fruits of our labor? We are happy to look at soil samples, soil maps, and tissue samples to help us get a clear picture of your farm. Stop by and see our yearly 25+ variety corn trial or we can come to you! Weaver Seed Service is happy to learn about your goals and your ground so that we can help you to get the right hybrid on the right acre.

In the modern day, efficiency is one of the single most important aspects of a livestock operation. Despite changing markets and rising input costs dairy and beef producers continue to persevere in the Delmarva region. Perhaps one of the largest concerns in a cattle operation is what to feed your herd. Golden Harvest’s parent company, Syngenta, has found the answer to that concern in the revolutionary feed ingredient, Enogen feed corn. Developed originally for the ethanol market, Enogen feed corn is more feed ingredient than silage corn. It promotes both higher feed efficiency and better herd digestive health. Unlike other corns developed for the cattle market, Enogen retains all the characteristics of a successful corn plant you would see in grain production, but also adds a cost-effective way to maximize the material your herd eats. What this means is that many of your favorite Golden Harvest grain hybrids are also available with Enogen’s proprietary technology. Enogen feed corn’s benefits are derived from its ability to turn nondigestible starches into easily digestible sugars. This is accomplished through an Alpha-Amylase enzyme that resides in the kernel itself. Benefits from this conversion include a five percent feed efficiency, improved post-rumen health, and multiple improvements when storing Enogen in silage applications. Our saying regarding Enogen is “Better for trench, better for cow”. No wonder it is affectionally referred to as “Cow Chow”!


The Weaver Seed Service team observed the plant disease, Tar Spot, in our region for the first time in October of 2021. Tar Spot, Phyllachora maydis, is a fungal disease that affects corn plants and can result in up to 50% yield loss. While there is no solution to the total control of the disease at this time, Weaver Seed Service has done extensive research into the best management practices required to keep the disease at bay and protect your crop. When placing hybrids on your farm, we have no intention of selling you “tar spot-resistant corn.” There is simply not enough research done at this time to say what hybrids will withstand the disease. We will, however, help you place hybrids and recommend products accordingly to keep your corn healthy and your bottom line healthier.

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