Concept AgriTek

Weaver Seed Service primarily focuses on seed, but we also like to promote other companies products we have had success with on our own farm. One such company is our fertility partner Concept AgriTek. While Concept AgriTek provides us with our foliar and planter-applied fertility products, they also provide us with plant and soil amendment technology not found anywhere else on the market. There are many sources of liquid fertility available in our region, but only Concept AgriTek has been able to develop products tailor-made to specific scenarios we have encountered in our years of farming. They offer a wide variety of products, from basic foliars to biological products capable of combatting plant diseases such as tar spot and unlocking plant unavailable nutrients in the soil profile. We at Weaver Seed Service firmly believe Concept AgriTek brings innovation and technology to the market that is simply unrivaled by other companies. Schedule an appointment with us and Concept AgriTek today to provide solutions for your farm through agronomy, biology, and chemistry.


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