We also provide a service for crop nutrition and soil management. Crop and Pasture health starts with the soil. Weaver Seed Service is determined to work with growers to plan for the future. Our job is to educate producers and help solve all agricultural needs or issues. We like to maintain a close relationship with our clients and will scout their fields for problems that may arise during the growing season. We will help make recommendations ranging from seed to fertilizer. We can also help pull samples, get them sent to a lab and get back the recommendations you need. We will use the soil samples to evaluate what we need to do for the upcoming growing season. We will discuss if you may need lime, what fertilizers your soil needs, and what fertilizers you don’t need. The more information we have about your field, the better! We will then start discussing what your plans are for your fields. The next step is to pick the best seed that works for your type of soil and pick seed with the best genetics that is made for your area. Throughout the season, one of our agronomists will scout your field and discuss what we need to do as far as spraying for weed control or pest control based on our findings. When it comes to harvest time, we can provide weigh-wagon services as well. Then once we get back results from the season, we can discuss the pros and cons for that year. We farm because it’s what we love to do. We hope to make it as enjoyable of an experience for you as it is for us. Dwight D Eisenhower once said “Farming looks easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn” We don’t want to just be a pencil, we want to be right beside you, seeing and experiencing the same things as you.

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