Forages And Cover Crops

Weaver Seed Service strives to provide the highest level of service we can achieve to our customers. While we are happy to have a strong partner for your row crop acres, we also want to provide you with affordable, high-quality cover crop seed as well as branded forage crop seed. We offer a wide variety of cover crops so you can improve your soil health and keep your soils in place, as well as alfalfas and orchard grasses chosen for your region and your forage crop needs. Our assistant agronomist, Nathan Barringer, also spent several years in the turfgrass industry, where he gained an intimate understanding of both forages and turf. Weaver Seed Service is even able to provide turfgrass mixes for around your buildings as well as your waterways. From field to farmyard, Weaver Seed Service is happy to provide our community with top-quality forages and cover crops for all your seed needs.

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