Seed Consultants

Weaver Seeds Service also sells Seed Consultants corn and beans. We like to think of ourselves as a consultant first, then a salesman.  We like to provide the best advice that we can. We use our local research and knowledge to help give you the best answer. We will personally come out, take a look at your fields, and any soil samples. We recommend our “workhorse” hybrids for tougher soil conditions. The “racehorse” hybrids with your fields with most production.  We are proud to support seed consultants and be apart of this family. They are very impressive. Starting since 2008, seed consultants has won 4 national corn grower yield contests and 39 state yield contest, that is more than any other seed company today in the Eastern corn hemisphere. Weaver Seed Service and seed consultants work together to be upfront, honest and ethical with customers. We want the best seed possible but we also like to make it economical for you. We want you to be comfortable from beginning all that way to the end. We want to provide you with a local service and give you the best seed possible, with genetics created for your area. Our main goal is we want you to overcome any obstacles you have or have had in the past and feel comfortable for the season ahead. We want to help with any soil challenges, insects/pests and diseases. If you are having trouble deciding what you want to do or what to buy, just give us a call. Let us decide for you! George Washington once quoted, ” Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man”. But behind every man, is always a support system. Contact us and let’s get started today!!

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